Ukrainian Community and Culture

Various network members are actively participating in organizing a diverse range of events aimed at promoting awareness of Ukrainian culture and fostering discussions on the current war, with a focus on the values inherent in Ukrainian heritage. One notable initiative comes from Ukrainian architects and planners, currently residing in Switzerland, who have established a platform known as the 2402forum. This platform serves as a foundation for organizing Community & Culture activities, providing them with a sense of home and a space to shape their vision for their stay and future. The 2402forum plays a central role in this initiative, actively engaging in cultural resistance against Russian military aggression. Notably, on February 24 (24.02), the 2402forum launched a nomadic film and discussion series titled "On Films, Discussions, and Ukraine." The series unfolded at various locations in Zurich, hosting 19 discussions that explored the intersection between culture and the realities of life during wartime.
In addition to the 2402forum, the Ukrainian Association of Students and Academics in Zurich (UASAZ) was founded in 2022 with the goal of fostering the development of the Ukrainian academic community, promoting Ukrainian culture in Switzerland, and organizing diverse activities centered around Ukraine. UASAZ aims to bring together like-minded individuals interested in Ukraine by organizing educational, cultural, charitable, recreational, and networking events. The association also utilizes various information channels to disseminate crucial information within the community, amplifying the voices of Ukrainian students and academics in Switzerland.